CreSCENTwaTERmoON 2009

CreSCENTwaTERmoON 2009





A collection of several pieces.


 Shown: CreSCENTwaTERmoON #1   Measurements: 9.5″H x 13.5″W.  Mixed media on board. Private collection.


My work is an experience, that needs an encounter for its truth. It is likened to viewing a photograph of a lover in contrast to reveling in the actual presence of the beloved- a real commUnIcation.

So it is with ALL my work.

The interplay of dark and light in both the lunar phases and the yin/yang principles: revealing and obscuring; opposing forces which are interconnected and interdependent; complementary opposites constantly interacting, never exisiting in stasis; opposing yet rooted together and transforming the other, cyclical- every rising transforms to a fall and the falling transforms to a rising.

Dynamic and changing balance, not a force but the interactions and interrelations of natural forces.

Not static and separated, but the interplay, the interchange such as the alternation of day and night.

All in relationship: call and response.

Full moon and new moon.

Feminine and masculine.

Dark and light.

Fear and desire.

Inter-transformation: one can change into the other, but it is not a random event, occuring only when the time is right. Spring only comes when Winter is finished.

The cycle of the lunar phases are a complete balancing of revealing and obscuring the reflected light of the sun. The waxing crescent moon and waning crescent moon indicate toward or away of luminosity in real time.

Listen to the whisper of light
Shining on you.

Listen to the moonrise
Disclosing your pleasure.

Listen to the heat of my skin
Revealing your bliss.

Listen to my gradual perfume
Astounding your joy.

Catherine L. Johnson



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